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Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg

Hooray for Beautiful Oops!

It’s FABULOUS to make mistakes!

What? But we’re not supposed to make them, let alone embrace them, right?

This sunny yellow, liberating book says, “Why not”? And reminds us all to take a deep breath and chill – after all, that grape juice spill on a class drawing is not the end of the world. In fact, that purple, sticky splotch can become a laughing pig holding a crayon. Or when your dog, Buster, walks over your drawing and makes a big rrrippp with his muddy paws – wait! That tear can be the happy grin of a monster eating …chocolate cake!                                                                                                        

I guess when my cockatiel, Buttercup, flies over on my desk and pecks holes in my manuscript again, I’ll need to count it as a blessing in disguise. Heck, that plot needed to be revisited anyway!

Life is too short to get stuck in the quagmires of negativity or blame. Every day we feel the pressure to be perfect. But so much about life is about our mistakes and how we decide to overcome them. This book is a celebration about being human– and using our creativity, humor, and our choice in any given situation to zero in on the positive. So the next time when something potentially ‘disastrous’ happens, think of it as this amazing creative opportunity to turn whatever ‘it’ is into something crazy, unique and imaginatively beautiful.

Kathryn is the award-winning author of the character-building series, Zero, One and Two and the co-author and illustrator of upcoming September release, Beautiful Hands.



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