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Zac and the Dream Stealers By Ross MacKenzie

In this book there is a boy named Zac who lives with his Grandmother. One night he notices her walking in to a pool and decides to follow her.

He soon finds out that the pool is actually a portal to a world where all dreams happen.

He soon finds out there is a society of people known as the Dream Stealers who were supposed to have been defeated long ago by another society known as The Knights. 

But the Dream Stealers are growing stronger, and are beginning to feed more openly on dreams. To make matters worse, The Grand Master, Leader of The Knights has disappeared, supposedly kidnapped by the Dream Stealers. Now Zac, his Grandmother, his new friends Tom and Tily, and the last of The Knights must go and try to save what might be the only thing that can stop the Dream Stealers and save both the dream world and the human world.

Reviewed By Henry, Age 12, kid reviewer, MV Books Inc.