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The Whispering House by Rebecca Wade

Looking for a chilling ghost story that will keep you guessing from beginning to end? Then look no further than this incredible middle-grade book from Rebecca Wade!  When 14-year-old Hannah and her parents relocate to a crumbling old Victorian home while theirs is on the mend, things seem normal at first.  But that’s before Hannah finds an old faerie-tale book, an abandoned doll with strange markings and strange messages written with magnets on her fridge.  And oh yeah- before the house starts slowly reverting back to the 1890’s…
This book delivers just the right amount of chills with an ambiance that will creep out even the most jaded middle-reader.  The main character is a strong, level-headed girl who knows how to tackle her problems- even those from the great beyond!  Due to the chilling atmosphere and some seriously creeptastic goings on I would say this book is definitely for the 10-12 age group.  Also noteworthy here is that this book is a companion to her previous novel which appears to be out of print.  Aside from a couple references to people and events that happened in the first novel, this novel can be enjoyed on its own.  Read it and creep yourself out today!
--Reviewed by Katherine from Books Inc. Laurel Village