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Not Your Mother's Book Club: Two for the Guys

I know it must seem like Not Your Mother's is sort of a "girly" group, what with the pink blog and all, but really, we have a healthy number of fellas who are regulars at our events. Contrary to popular opinion, there ARE dudes who read YA!

Here are a couple of brand-new titles that are both funny and fun to read, and will definitely appeal to anyone who wants a dose of summer escapism.


Doug is a regular guy, but he has a rather unusual problem.  See, he got bitten by a vampire, and now he is one. But he ISN'T hot, sparkly, fashionable or rich. He DOESN'T have a hot car or a bad reputation. He is, in fact, a chubby dork without a gift for seduction or anything else. And it seems he'll be this way... for eternity.  To add to Doug's problems is the fact that he's being chased by a crossbow-wielding TV host, that blood is not just available on tap at 7-11, and that the girl of his dreams might prefer her guys on the mortal side. Sucks for him.

FAT VAMPIRE is a breezy romp that pokes fun at many of the characters and tropes that all readers of YA will recognize. I loved the humor, I loved the main character and his human sidekick, and while I am still not sure I am satisfied by the ending... I am still thinking about it! And that is a good thing.  Rating: Four out of five vampire bites.

For more, check out this lively interview with the author



Seth thought getting dumped by his girlfriend in an Applebees was bad enough. But when he sees his dad having a clearly not-business related lunch with some random short-skirt-wearing, not-mom woman, he totally loses his cool. Oh, and his job. He decides to do some detective work to find out where The Other Woman lives, and to document this search and get over his post-breakup heartache by venting his problems on an anonymous podcast that (naturally) does not stay anonymous for long.

There is nothing mind-bending about this book. There is no magic or danger. What there is, though, is lots of heart and a TON of humor. Seth is charming but far from perfect, and his frustrations and joys (and often, complete cluelessness!) really ring true. The guys in this book seem not only like real guys, but like guys you'd have fun hanging out with. Um... provided they didn't start podcasting about you!   Rating: Four and a half out of five MP3s.