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Local Author Alert: Field Guide for Heartbreakers by Kristen Tracy


Best friends Dessy and Veronica arrive in Europe with wildly different plans. Dessy hopes to heal her newly broken heart by diving into the creative writing workshop that brought the girls to Prague. Veronica's plan, meanwhile, is to conquer as many hot-dudes as possible in one month and help Dessy recycle her heart in the process.

At first, Veronica's plan is working so well that Dessy thinks she might be a love genius. But soon it's clear that Operation Maneater has a few holes. Like its failure to anticipate crazy mixed signals...and worse, its mysterious tendency to plague a friendship with secrets and lies.

Well, no one ever said breaking hearts was a simple craft!

KRISTEN TRACY is a prolific children's book author and poet who makes her home in San Francisco with a very demanding cat. She also "moonlights" with a job on ALCATRAZ! Which is super cool.  She is hilarious. Read her books!!