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Coming in August... Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper

I have been wishing for this book for a very long time and did not know that it was coming. A master of the genre has returned in the fullness of her power. Susan Cooper, who brought us the wonder of “the Dark is Rising” in the early 70’s, now gives us a very new story.
Little Hawk is taken out to his manhood test in midwinter. 3 months later, he comes back to a community destroyed by a foreign disease. Everyone but his grandmother is dead. Cooper has written a clear and sympathetic story of a First Nation young man and an immigrant  boy and the things that tie them to the land of Rhode Island. Steeped in history, even including the great Rodger Williams, this story will move any who read it.
Please, hand it to any boy between 4th grade and university.
Fans of “My Side of the Mountain” and all of Gary Paulson will love this book.
--Reviewed by Elizabeth, Books Inc. Alameda