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Bigger Than a Breadbox by Laurel Snyder

You know that feeling you get when someone hands you a present? The way it feels as you untie the ribbon, rip the tape and pull back the wrapping paper? It’s something like anticipation, with a touch of nervousness… and hope, too. Because that present could be anything, and all that possibility is exciting, and a little scary. It’s something more complicated than a noun. That’s the feeling that defines Bigger Than a Breadbox.

When Rebecca’s mother leaves her father, she takes Rebecca and her little brother with them, and Rebecca is forced to start at a new school where she knows no one. Removed from Baltimore and thrust into Atlanta, Rebecca struggles to fit in at a new school, cope with the separation of her parents and grow up all at the same time. But then, Rebecca finds a beautiful breadbox that, to Rebecca’s delight, grants wishes. Not all wishes… just wishes that can fit into the breadbox itself.

            Even though this is a book with a touch of magic, Snyder keeps the characters and their relationships so honest and organic that it feels as believable as truth. Simple sentences underlie not at all simple emotions in this complicated novel about coming of age, recognizing your parent’s humanity and realizing that no matter how wonderful a gift is, there is no object that can fix all your problems. A lovely novel perfectly suited for discussing as a family or in a bookclub. For ages 8-12.