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Young Adult Readers Association (YARA)

Books Inc. Santa Clara’s Young Adult Readers Association (YARA) Information and Application

Young Adult Readers Association banner

We are so excited that you are interested in joining Books Inc.’s very first Young Adult Readers Association! Please make sure to read our goals and expectations for the Young Adult Readers Association. If it all sounds fun to you, you are between the ages of 13 & 17, and you think you can agree to the commitment, make sure to fill out and return the application and the parent/ guardian permission slip linked below to Books Inc. Santa Clara.

Young Adult Readers Association Goals and Expectations

Our goal in creating the Young Adult Readers Association (YARA) is to foster a community with our Teen readers. We are looking for enthusiastic teens, ages 13-17, interested in all things book related who are able to meet once a month to review books, create interesting displays, volunteer at events, and give informed and unique event and buying input. 


YARA Members will be required to:

  • Attend at least 6 of the 9 meetings, including 2 of the 3 Event Scheduling meetings (in bold)
  • Write at least three 2-3 paragraph reviews for Books Inc’s YA Blog
  • Volunteer for at least 2 Books Inc. Kids or YA events

YARA Members are encouraged to:

  • Create fun and eye-catching book displays
  • Write creative and fun blog posts
  • Promote Books Inc.’s YA events on personal social media accounts, specifically those hosted in Santa Clara
  • Write Shelf Talkers for the YA section
  • Come up with fun themes and craft ideas for future meetings
  • Give buying advice to the Books Inc. Children’s specialist
  • Nominate a Buzz Book
  • Give feedback and advice on NYMBC Teen Events
  • Interview YA authors
  • Volunteer at author events
  • Recruit fellow book lovers for YARA
  • Attend other Books Inc. Events
  • Read and have fun!

Meeting Format

Each meeting will be 1-2 hours long depending on the pre-planned activities, and will be supervised by the Books Inc. Children’s specialist or Manager. At our September/ October meetings we will discuss, as a group, what the members want to accomplish or do at each meeting. However, the most important thing we’ll do is talk about books! Review them, write shelf-talkers, and convince the Books Inc. Children’s Specialist on what we HAVE to have on our shelves.

At the bolded, required meetings, Hannah Walcher, the Event Coordinator for Books Inc.’s YA Author Event Series, Not Your Mother’s Book Club, will meet with the YARA to go over the season’s Event Grids. The teens will have an opportunity to see the authors visiting the Bay Area on tour and select a few to request an event for. Then they’ll write an event request for Hannah to review.  *Though we cannot guarantee that we’ll get the authors we request, Hannah will do her best to convey the YARA’s excitement to the publishers with the hopes of them sending their requested author(s) to Books Inc. Santa Clara!

2017/2018 Schedule *

*Every Second Saturday from 3-5PM , time and dates are subject to change

September9/9- Meet and Greet

October- 10/14- Discuss YA Event Scheduling w/ Event Coordinator


December- NO MEETING


February -2/10

March- 3/10- Discuss YA Event Scheduling w/ Event Coordinator

April- 4/14

May -5/12



August-8/11- Welcome Back/ Discuss YA Event Scheduling w/ Event Coordinator

If you have reviewed our requirements and schedule and are excited and able to join Books Inc. Santa Clara’s first ever Young Adult Readers Association, follow the link below and submit your completed application to Books Inc. Santa Clara before the first meeting you are able to attend. We will stop accepting new applications by February 10, 2018 until we are ready to release the 2018/2019 schedule.