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In this accomplished and riveting thriller, police inspector Alec Blume battles organized crime, political pressure, and his own demons as he investigates the death of Arturo Clemente. Blume, a clever American expatriate with a disposition against authority, soon realizes that he is being watched from on high. Forced to negotiate with powerful, suspicious people on all sides of the law, Blume must rely on instinct, drive, and luck to find the killer.

"The Dogs of Rome" is both a thrilling detective story and a vision of underground Rome. Blume is a perfect hero for this story: intelligent but flawed, cynical but unafraid. He is a trustworthy and compelling protagonist for this first installment in a gritty and promising series.

Conor Fitzgerald is the author of the forthcoming "The Fatal
Touch""," also featuring Commissario Blume. He has
lived in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Italy. He
has produced a current affairs journal for foreign
embassies based in Rome, and founded a successful translation company.
He is married with two children and lives in Rome.

Praise for "The Dogs of Rome"

"Commissario Blume is the most appealing detective to come along in years. His genius is that he isn't a hero or an antihero, but the kind of living, breathing human being that you only find in the very best novels, detective or otherwise. The Dogs of Rome is an irresistible and wholly original piece of crime fiction."Joseph Weisberg, author of "An Ordinary Spy" and "10th Grade"

Product Details
ISBN: 9781408809921
Publisher: Bloomsbury UK
Publication Date: April 1st, 2011