Coffee Klatch

We in the Cooks and Books club take coffee very seriously.  Love doesn't quite say it... need is more like it. Not just any cup of joe will do, of course. We in the Bay Area are lucky enough to have true coffee artisans living among us, folks who go that extra mile to find and roast the best beans, and present us with something that is awfully close to nirvana in a mug.James and Caitlin Freeman from Blue Bottle Coffee have a new book out. THE BLUE BOTTLE CRAFT OF COFFEE is not only packed with indispensible information and history, but also contains some great recipes so you can make your own delicious treats to go with your perfect cup. We're pretty excited that James and Caitlin will be at our store in the Marina (2251 Chestnut St in San Francisco) this coming Thursday, October 11 at 7PM to talk about their new book. See you there! 

Halloween Frenzy!

I’m the Scariest Thing in the Castle
By: Kevin Sherry

I’m the Scariest Thing in the Castle, a board; book is our store manager’s favorite book of this Halloween season! (Hmmmm coincidence?! We wonder!) (Ages 1-3)

Reviewed by: A. Ghost, Books Inc. Mountain View 



Monsters Eat Whiny Children
By: Bruce Eric Kaplan

I couldn’t put this down— captivating and funny. Makes me wonder, what am I going to have for dinner?? (Ages 4-8)

Reviewed by: Lisa, Books Inc. Mountain View






Frank was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance

 By: Keith Graves

“…He danced like his shoe size instead of his age.” A Halloween favorite from a few years back, and yes, the author’s real last name is Graves… READ IT AND LAUGH. (Ages 4-8)

Reviewed by: Glen, Books Inc. Mountain View

Bunnicula by James Howe

Can a rabbit be a vampire? Chester, an over imaginative and well-read cat persuades the family dogs Howie and Harold that the newest member of the family is a vampire. Of course, Chester has been wrong before…

Bunnicula is the first in the series that includes The Celery Stalks at Midnight and Howliday Inn; it’s funny, imaginative and full of word play that will delight kids and their parents too. My son and I loved reading these together years ago, it brings back great memories! Ages 8+

Reviewed by: Lisa, Books Inc. Mountain View