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Ok, this time, Mac really does read A WHOLE BOOK

You can purchase a copy of the book Mac is reading here.

Mac Barnett Reads a WHOLE BOOK!

Special Oh My Gosh, Stories! Guest, MAC BARNETT takes reading The Clock Without a Face aloud TOTALLY FOR SERIOUS.

Jon Scieszka FTW

3 videos from a reading at the Burlingame Public library, books furnished by Books Inc!

Awesome Blog Alert!

Found a link to this great YA blog in a tweet from (upcoming guest) Ms. Holly Black herself! The current review is of her newest book, The Red Glove.

Once Upon a Twilight

OMG The Underworld Ball

We're freaking pumped to host CASSANDRA CLARE and HOLLY BLACK for the upcoming  
Underworld Poster

 masquerade ball at our Opera Plaza store, and we hope (and guess) that you're equally pumped to meet the ladies behind the madness!


Lindsey Leavitt, You're the Best.

Recently, we had the adorable Lindsey Leavitt out as a guest. Not only is she super nice but she's also willing to partake in totally silly videos as the request of NYMBC. So thanks, Lindsey! You're a good sport, and a great author!

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