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How Books are Made

Do you ever wonder what is going on inside those oh-so-secretive publishing houses or why it's taking your favorite author so long to publish their second, third, fourth, fifth... book?

Well, every publisher has their own process (especially smaller ones), but for the most part, the steps are all the same. The following infographic, created by Floris Books, is a wonderful, comprehensive flow chart of the process. Keep in mind, this doesn't even include the long process of actually writing the manuscript.


Author does lots of promotion, events, ect. to increase book sales: when all these steps have been taken, you have a published book... but you need readers! Where do you get those readers? BOOKSTORES! Your local, independent bookstores could be your best friends. We love supporting local authors and their books!


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Buzzfeed's 12 Amazing YA Books by Latino Authors

If you're anything like us, you love Buzzfeed and especially, Buzzfeed Books. Well, they've recently put together a list of YA novels by Latino author's we just had to share!

"Why you should read: After Chuy is violently killed in a club, he revisits his life as a ghostly spirit and reflects on things he might have changed. Soto brilliantly tackles hard themes that keep the reader thinking until the very last page."


"Why you should read: After his father commits suicide, the only person Aaron feels like he can talk to is Thomas. But when Aaron comes to the realization that he is gay, he decides to go to the Leteo Institute for a memory-alteration procedure. Powerful and poignant, this debut is not one to be missed."


"Why you should read: This coming-of-age contemporary is about finding a strong friendship between two very different personalities as well as the challenges they both face growing up. Sáenz flawless writing will keep you entranced with every sentence."

**Bonus! This is also a Books Inc. Staff Pick: "This book had me curious when it swept the ALA awards
with 3 wins and this book definitely deserves all of them and more. Aristotle
(or Ari) and Dante don't obviously have much in common except their Mexican
heritage, but somehow manage to become good friends. Ari is an angry teen
coping with the ghost of his older brother and his father's time in the
Vietnam War while Dante is openly expressive and has an easy family
relationship...Saenz writes a lovely exploration of
friendship and love - love of one's self, love between a parent and child and
love between friends. His prose is lyrical and portrays a depth of emotion
that transcends the page. This easily is one of my favorite reads of this
year and it's not even halfway to the end of the year yet! If you
like A.S. King's Ask the Passengers, I would definitely recommend you give
this a try!" - Connie from Opera Plaza**


"Why you should read: Shy took a summer job on a cruise ship to make some extra cash. But when a massive earthquake rattles California, Shy must fight to survive. This apocalyptic novel will have you on the edge of your seat until the very last page."


"Why you should read: Aiden Ortiz has the ability to lead the dead to the other side, which requires having spirits pass through him — the Gateway — in order to move on. But when his search for his friend, Koren Banks, leads him to uncovering some hard questions about himself, Aiden quickly discovers there just might be something darker that lies within him. Fans of mysterious, thrilling tales are sure to love this brilliantly crafted story. "


"Why you should read: Soledad is on the verge of graduating from Biscayne High School for the Performing Arts where she aspires to be a professional ballet dancer. But when Jonathan encourages her to audition for Carmen within the drum and bugle corps, her one decision changes everything. This compelling contemporary read is sure to keep you hooked."


To see the other 6 on the list, follow the link above. All titles on the list can be found or ordered at your local Books Inc.



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Gail Carriger Book Launch

Tonight (11/3/2015), the lovely Gail Carriger will be at  Books Inc. Opera Plaza celebrating  the launch of the final book in her Finishing School series, Manners and Mutiny. Join her and Not Your Mother’s Book Club, for tea, questions, and a book signing!

We can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Sophorina and her classmates will get into! Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be awesome!

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YA Highway Pumpkin Carving Contest

YA Highway has created an awesome, book themed, pumpkin carving contest!

Step One: Carve, paint, decorate, or otherwise turn your pumpkin into a literary masterpiece.

Step Two:
Post a picture in the comments of their post, tweet it at @yahighway, or Tumblr with hashtag #yahighway. Be sure to include a way for them to contact you!


Step Three:
Boom! You're entered to win an amazing prize pack.

Check their site and tumblr post for more stencils!


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October Favorites: Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin


Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin is one of my favorite October releases! I picked up the advanced copy when I was in a reading slump. I had tried reading a romance novel, didn't make it far. I tried reading an adventure novel, took too long to get anywhere. I read a few comics, but they're over so fast. I was craving adventure but also a bit of a romance and I wanted a kick-ass female character to pull me in. Nothing I picked up was quite what I was looking for!

Then one day, I was sitting in the back room of one of our stores next the over crowded bookshelf, a graveyard for most advanced copies, looking like it hadn't been cleared out in months. Books were haphazardly stacked onto more stacks of books, and facing out, teetering on the edge of a shelf, was Wolf by Wolf, it's cover instantly drawing my attention.

I admit, I'm a sucker for wolves, so the shadow of the wolf mixed with the motorcycle and map intrigued me. Then the premiss of an alternative WWII where Germany and Japan are in power and Hitler continues to reign, sold it. So into my purse it went! I got home that night and instead of turning on the TV or logging on to Tumblr to scroll the endless void, I pulled out Wolf by Wolf and was instantly pulled in to Yael's world, life, and quest for revenge. It was everything I was looking for. Yael is a strong female character, there's a hint of romance, which is really all I needed, and the action/ adventure was perfect! I LOVED this book. Now I have to go back and read Graduin's previous book, Walled City!


(Yours Truly, portraying all my crazy excitment.)

If you need more information and want another review, check out this Kirkus Review!

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November NYMBC Events

It's the last week of October (seriously, what happened to this month?!) and Halloween is upon us! If you're like some of our friends, you put a lot of thought and time into your costumes and when it's all over, the saddness of having to wait a whole other year to dress up again descends upon you. Well, Books Inc. and Not Your Mother's Book Club have a solution for you! Both of our November events encourage dressing up!

First, we have the lovely Gail Carriger celebrating the release of the final book in her Finishing School series, Manners & Mutiny. Come decked out in your Steampunk attire and get the chance to win a Books Inc. gift card!

November 3rd, 7pm at Books Inc. Opera Plaza


Wait!!  Don't put your lacey, puffy, silky, dresses or spiffy, sleak, dashing suits in the closet just yet! Books Inc. and Marissa Meyer are throwing the LUNAR BALL in celebration of her final book in the Lunar Chronicles, Winter. Come dressed to the nines and enjoy refreshments, music, and activities while you meet the wonderful Marissa. This event is ticketed so get yours (complete with a copy of the book) before they sell out!

November 15, 5pm at Books Inc. Opera Plaza


These are two wonderful events, both closing a beloved series and bringing an end to Not Your Mother's 2015 Events.

I'm not saying we're saving the best for last, but...



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