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South Author by Patrick Mcdonnell

Absolutely charming and wordless story of friendship and helping others in trouble. The drawings are simple and poignant, and allows the reader(s) to narrate the story for themselves. I've given this book to German children in Berlin, and the lack of language is a plus, although the theme is universal. 

- reviewed by Bill at Books Inc. Market St

A Home for Bird by Phillip C. Stead

How does he do it? Author/illustrator Stead has created another masterpiece to add to the canon of best friend books. Here Vernon the frog befriends an (inanimate) cuckoo bird who doesn't speak--Vernon assumes because he's homesick. So the two friends set off to find "home." Take one cup of Jeffers' LOST AND FOUND, add 4 tablespoons of WHEN BLUE MET EGG and handsell to any fan of the Bonny Becker Bear & Mouse books. And don't miss the copyright page!

- Reviewed by Summer at Books Inc. Laurel Village

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

After reading Paterson’s novel, I found myself shocked: how did I get through life without reading this?  If you’re looking for a Juvenile novel that changes your outlook on life especially with regard to how people change us forever, then I’d recommend you read this.  Jesse Aaron, Paterson’s fifth grade main character, struggles to find courage as both a runner and as a talented artist.  Leslie Burke then enters his life.  Together, they build the kingdom of Terabithia where their friendship and creativity blooms.  Despite the tragedy that occurs, this novel introduces serendipity to the young and invites older readers to always return to Terabithia.  For ages 10+.

- Reviewed by Jamie from Books Inc. Market St

The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen

My new favorite storytime book, The Circus Ship is an exciting and fun story by master author and illustrator Chris Van Dusen.  With bright stylized illustrations and perfectly metered rhymes, it is the perfect read-aloud book.  When a ship full of circus animals is marooned on a small island off the coast of Maine, the residents are quite put out at first.  However, they soon find that the animals and people can help each and get along very well even on a small island.  Van Dusen has a knack for working good vocabularly words into his rhymes very smoothly and combined with his fantastic illustrations, The Circus Ship is a treat for both kids and adults!

-Reviewed by Anna from Books Inc. Chestnut St


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