Review of Bad Island by Doug TenNapel

Family vacations can be a drag. Especially when you end up on a not-quite deserted desert island full of strange maybe-aliens, maybe-monsters that you’re left to battle off so that they don’t eat/kill/maim your entire family! When they say Bad Island, they seriously mean it. Yikes.

And you thought that summer you spent with Auntie Mildred in that mosquito-infested swamp she calls home was rough.

Told half in the present from the point of view of a very contemporary family (with surprisingly honest family problems for a story that also contains ancient alien curses) and half in the past story of alien royalty, Bad Island is an awesome mash-up brought to you by the guy who created the Eisner-nominated Ghostopolis (which is also awesome). With his signature flair for action and humor, TenNapel delivers another rollicking graphic novel adventure, great for ages 7/8+