Happy 50th anniversary to The Phantom Tollbooth!

Some books we read and we forget. Some books we don’t read at all. But then there are some books, like The Phantom Tollbooth, that we read, remember and then recommend to all our friends, because it’s got that special, magical quality that begs to be shared. And today, October 25th, is the 50th anniversary of this cherished children’s classic.

The Phantom Tollbooth stands with classics like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Alice and Wonderland, as books that people read as children, remember through adolescence and often reread as adults to share with their own children. With fifty years under its belt, The Phantom Tollbooth has blessed generations of readers with an unforgettable adventure, perfectly suited for reading aloud as a family.

So join Milo as he goes on a pun-filled trip through the Kingdom of Wisdom with his faithful watchdog, Tock; eat your words with King Azzaz, and jump to the Island of Conclusions. And just like Milo, we’re sure that in the end The Phantom Tollbooth will help you see the world in a more vibrant, playful and interesting way.