Not Your Mother's Book Club: A Date with Maggie S.

This Saturday, a gang of about 40 werewolf-loving teens and YA fans descended upon a small fro-yo shop in Burlingame, CA, to meet their current fave author, the fabulous MAGGIE STIEFVATER.  Maggie was fresh from debuting at number one on the NYT bestsellers list (!!!) and had a great story to tell about how she got the call (let's just say, an illegal airplane phone was involved). She also talked to everyone about what is next for her characters, and how much she likes to make teenagers cry. :-)  Then everyone had fun rooting through their goodie bags to mix-and-match free books.


Here's a pic from the event -- yay for a beautiful day, an unforgettable event, and very happy readers!


Thanks, BLUSH, for delicious yogurt, endless patience, and being color-coordinated to the book.